Selected Projects

Targeted Flora Surveys – GMA Garnet 

Surveyed exploration and mining tenements for the presence of conservation significant flora taxa as part of environmental management commitments.  Where taxa were located, populations were counted and mapped.

Weed Surveys – Dalgaranga Gold Project

Surveyed the active tenements of the Dalgaranga Gold Project for weed species present on site prior to the project commencing mining and milling operations.  Weed species were recorded around areas of historical disturbance and areas where water has pooled.

Environmental Case Study Reviews – NACC

The Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC) commenced reviews of on-ground outcomes from environmental works within the Northern Agricultural Region (NAR).  Selected strategic revegetation work (completed at sites in Mingenew, Howatharra and Ogilvie) were reviewed to examine on-ground outcomes from revegetation, erosion and salinity management actions which endeavoured to result in nett improvements for the landholder, public and catchment environments.

Land Development Plans – City of Greater Geraldton

Successfully completed land development plans for the establishment of building envelope for bush blocks in Waggrakine (City of Greater Geraldton). The plan was sensitive to the remnant vegetation and recommended areas for rehabilitation and preferred building envelope mitigating environmental impacts.  Earth Stewardship recommends Drylands Permaculture Nursery ( for source of locally grown native plants for use in rehabilitation plans for these sites.

Shire of Murchison – Road and Material Pit Upgrades
Undertook vegetation and flora surveys for three sections of Shire roads as part of ongoing safety improvements (including a new bypass for Curbur Homestead), and associated sites for material sources.  Surveys included targeted flora surveys for conservation significant taxa, NVIS vegetation type and condition assessments.

City of Greater Geraldton – Revegetation and Rehabilitation
Planted locally grown (Geraldton Community Nursery) local native tubestock as part of revegetation works for local parks – Chapman River Regional Park, Pebble Park, Greenough River Foreshore (Nature Trail).  Revegetation and rehabilitation works included replanting following fire, replacement of removed noxious weeds, and erosion mitigation areas.

Onslow Marine Support Base – Detailed Botanical Surveys
Completed detailed botanical surveys for the Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund project – Onslow Marine Support Base.  Surveys were undertaken to identify vegetation associations present on the terrestrial portion of the project.  Targeted flora surveys recorded the Priority 3 Stackhousia clementii within the study area.  Management actions were defined to minimise impact to vegetation and significant flora.

Botanical Line Drawings – City of Greater Geraldton 

Completion of botanical line drawings for use in educational and informative signage for the Greenough River Walk Trail and at Ellendale Pool.

Chapman River Regional Park – Biological Surveys
As part of the City of Greater Geraldton’s baseline biological assessments of the Chapman River Regional Park, Transects and Quadrats were surveyed to identify vegetation associations (to NVIS standards), update the flora inventory and search for conservation significant flora.  A new record for the CRRP was recorded as part of these surveys: Triodia danthonioides.  Fauna survey results included the Carpet Python and Western Spotted Frog.

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