Vegetation Assessments

Vegetation community surveys and mapping, vegetation condition assessments. Quadrat data collection, relevé surveys, National Vegetation Inventory System (NVIS) descriptions.


Flora Assessments

Botanical assessments of native flora, including targeted surveys for Threatened and Priority Flora, and noxious and significant weeds. Taxonomic identification services, with over 20 years’ experience of flora identification in Western Australia.


Environmental Assessments

Environmental Impact Assessments; Land Development Planning; Clearing Permit Applications; Mining and Exploration Proposals; Gravel Pit Extraction Planning; Rehabilitation Planning.


Fauna Assessments

Surveys for conservation significant fauna, including Black Cockatoo habitat assessments. General reconnaissance surveys. Trapping surveys available with advanced notice.


Botanical Line Drawings

Completion of botanical line drawings for use in various projects including educational and informative signage, taxonomic identification.



Environmental Services

Field Survey Assistance, Environmental Technical Assistance, Seed Collection

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